poem: here’s my name / moan it into the mouth of someone lesser

didn’t you want my

hips when they fit just so in your hands

and this body when it folded up under yours;

origami love / fistfuls of me, handfuls

of your flesh / now i overflow / now i outgrow

your plans, momma boy’s worst nightmare – a girl-woman – prose in motion; much too much / pleasures divine, pleasures untold, feasting on

the Garden’s fruits. we’re never gonna be Adam and Eve because i’m always the Lilith,

spitting curses instead of dirty talk

and lullabies.

t. bennett ; @raggedhearts

an additional note: I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of Lilith, especially in contrast to Eve (spiritual/non-religious ubpringing + church school education = odd interest in a world I’m a part of, but isolated within).

Both of them are vilified in our modern eyes, though one is lesser-know, and womanhood/femininity is something that’s been worshipped, feared, attacked and dissected for eons ; and all of that makes for some truly interesting poetry.


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