poem : rewinding the apocalypse

i can see your city / crumbling , colliding / milky horizons bleeding red / the stench of a dying world , clinging to your mouth’s

corners ; everything is a cycle / everything is a circle of the same to the same until i

break the connection where it thought

it was strongest


until i do the unthinkable /

until i break myself trying to be unbreakable. i will fill in

my cracks with silver. with steel, liquid fire / oily rage, with gold and silver / everything soft, everything bad and good and dark and rusted and our desire and i will bang metal hands against walls of flowers and thorns.


i can promise you blood / that i will fill in your cracks, too. we will not be fixed, but

broken / loving ourselves when we are at the brink. we will do what they thought was unthinkable

and live.


rewinding the apocalypse | talia b. ; @raggedhearts


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