poem : hanahaki

is it safe where you

lay? are the leaves speaking against your window / am i in your heart, because you are in mine / am i reflected in the

silver curves of that place’s half-moon / am i good

where they were

better? or bad? or shades of black / is my mouth stained with kisses-to-be ; your future mistakes ; i taste a name, half-remembered, on your skin – and


do you know that when you

carry a memory, i see

the smoke of it

convulsing behind your mirror-glass eyes?


is it warm, where you are? i will be waiting where you left me

i have been patient and the soil is dry; spring is

on our heels / come quick. come quick

before i am more flower

than fire.


  • hanahaki | t.b. ; @raggedhearts


[ h a n a h a k i  – n. a fictional illness, born from one-sided love, where the patient vomits flower petals as a result. ]


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