poem : almost-free

i’m dreaming

of a world

i might die before

i see

but if even


of us gets to be

brown / black /


and free

you’ll hear me

from the stars,

strung up somewhere

a thousand miles between your hands

and mine,

a whisper, of –
“we stood

and broke and


so you could live

just a day

more / like this / like you’ve never known what

it means to hide

and the lights

are burning

and a heart beats hardest / before it beats

no more,

with an ages-old pride

and you

are all we fought for

and you , toppling walls,
( doing all we did

only in darkness, half-light,

shuttered up behind closet doors )
shining, loving, living

where it’s daytime bright,
you are  all i dreamed of

18, half-gone,  almost-there,

talia b. ig : @raggedhearts 


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